Alternative Water Company UK Ltd announces substantial water trading opportunities in England – Scotland and South Wales, a staggering 300,000 cubic metres of water per day for sale


Water Trading - Alternative Water Company UK Ltd

The water market has now been deregulated which is the platform for the newly formed Alternative Water Company UK Ltd.

About Alternative Water Company UK Ltd.

The company was formed by water industry expert Graham Mann .

Graham has served in the water industry for over 30 years and has accumulated a wealth of experience and expertise.

Over the years he has provided water consultancy services for many high profile companies and public sector organisations with the main focus on the reduction of water, waste water and trade effluent costs covering many different areas of company business sectors.

For example

In Sport and Leisure : –

David Lloyd Leisure
Total Fitness
Cannons Health and Fitness
LA Fitness
Living Well
Next Generation
Greens Health and Fitness

Achieving savings of over £2million

Graham was instrumental in winning an appeal with the regulator against Thames Water, creating a new tariff within the swimming pool and private health club sector allowing the application of a “trade effluent consent” applied to all clubs with swimming pools to be charged under a trade effluent consent tariff in the Thames Water area.

This reduced the waste water charges for all pool water discharged from leisure clubs by 45%. 1,000’s of leisure clubs now benefit from substantially reduced waste water charges.

18 years ago Thames Water rejected Grahams application whilst he was working for David Lloyd Leisure which was then owned and operated by Whitbread, David Lloyd Leisure was eventually sold by Whitbread in 2007 for £925 million.

As Thames Water conceded defeat as the regulator agreed with Grahams appeal, he was asked by Thames Water to help create a new tariff to be applied to all Thames Water customers with pools resulting in £millions in savings in the Leisure Sector and this unique tariff still applies today.

David Lloyd Leisure also benefited from water saving devices and aerated showers were installed across the entire estate resulting in water savings of on average £7,000 per site, which resulted in a £600,000 a year savings across the group on water bills.

That excluded savings on energy used to heat the water from cold –  and the payback 5 weeks !

Graham was the first water consultant to install these water saving showers across a group of leisure clubs.

Banking and finance sector: –

The banking and financial sector has also saved £millions, banks such as

National Westminster Bank
Midland Bank
Barclays Bank

1,000’s of water meters were fitted to branches as previously these sites were charged for water based on a  fixed rateable value. Installing water meters and transferring to a metered water tariff 60% savings were achieved against the previous fixed charges.

There are many more examples of his water management achievements with leading water consultants H20 Building Services who are continuing to grow and expand some 20 years later.

Alternative Water Company UK Ltd was an idea conceived 30 years ago to provide alternative water supplies or off grid water supplies to large water users at a rate per cubic metre substantially less than a water company supply.

So what is an off grid water supply and where does the water come from?

An off grid water supply or alternative water supply is water that is not supplied from a water company distribution network. The water is abstracted from underground water sources, these are natural vast underground storage facilities and the water can be abstracted and supplied to customers at much less cost than the water retail companies can provide.

Alternative Water Company UK Ltd operates only in the UK regulated water space resulting in much lower costs with water to customers average savings 30% – 75%.

How much off grid water is available ?

Alternative Water Company UK Ltd has around 300,000 cubic metres of water available each day of varying qualities.

In areas of Scotland, Northern England and South Wales.

The company has secured these supplies for sale through its unique trading process.

The water stocks value at some £720million per year!

Customers save on average 50% in comparison to water retail prices.

What are the environmental benefits?

The water supplied is from sustainable sources and sustainability is at the core of Alternative Water Company UK Ltd operations as the revenue generated from water sales would be used to develop other sustainable water and waste water projects.

If your business or organisation is interested in water trade and seeing large volumes of water supply to achieve substantial savings in water costs or indeed an investor or investment company seeking to invest in an unregulated water supply email 



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