Switch water supplier to Alternative Water Company UK Ltd and save up to 30% on your water bills.


Alternative Water Company UK Ltd

Your business will soon be able to switch water supplier for a better deal on your water supply charges, but ahead of the water retail market opening in April of this year the discounts will only be around 1% – 4% on average.

You will be offered enticements by the well established water companies such as : –

Better service

Water efficiency advice

On-line water flow monitoring.

But at the end of the day it is the cost per cubic metre rate that is the most important factor. Yes you may use less due to application of water saving measures but the unit cost is not much less than what you are receiving already so what are you left with?

Well there is an alternative, you see the water companies obtain most of their water from underground resources called aquifers, these are bodies of permeable rock which can contain or transmit ground water. This ground water can be abstracted and it is by the water companies pumped, stored, treated and delivered to your site at a regulated costs and along the water this valuable resource leaks out back into the earth through leaking water company mains distribution pipes.

Wasting water is as environmentally unfriendly as wasting energy, literally millions of cubic metres of clean wholesome fresh water is wasted on a daily basis by the water companies and you the consumer is paying for it!

There is now an alternative water company that could potentially supply your water “off grid” which means tapping into natural underground water sources and supplying your site with clean, wholesome, natural water at far less cost than your water company can ever supply you and the most environmentally friendly way with no leaks!

Alternative Water Company UK Ltd will take your site “off grid” tapping onto the same water resources as the water companies at a fraction of the cost.

Typical customers that would benefit are : – Hospitals, Universities, Manufacturing, Food Production, Schools, Leisure Clubs, Zoos, Theme Parks, Hotels, Golf Clubs, Shopping Centres, Industrial Laundries.

Here are some more interesting facts you many not know.

Harrods in London gets its water from natural underground sources.

Doncaster Royal Infirmary also gets its water from natural alternative water sources.

Cheltenham Racecourse obtains its water from natural alternative water sources.

So why not explore the alternative water company route for your new water supply. What do I need to do now? 

In the first instance email me direct at  together with copies of your 12 months water bills and the full postal address of the site(s). I will come back to you within 5 working days as to the feasibility of an alternative water supply and further specific details, there is no cost at this stage as this is just a preliminary investigation.

If an alternative water supply is feasible I will send you a report outlining the a step by step guide to the project and don’t worry about funding as we will complete the installation and supply your water at the costs as outlined within the water supply agreement.

If you have any questions or indeed require further advice then please call me or my team on 01924 387 874.

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