Water retail competition is upon us – Have you heard about the first brand new water supply company?

With English water retail competition just around the corner  Alternative Water Company UK Ltd has opened its doors for business, yet to date is receiving very little recognition which is not in the interest of customers.

Alternative Water Company UK Ltd is the very first actual national water supply company formation in decades, bringing to the water industry in Scotland – England and Wales true innovation and is more environmentally friendly than the existing regulated supply company models.

Alternative Water Company UK Ltd obtains water from exactly the same natural resources as all of the other regulated water companies, but  unlike most water companies Alternative Water Company UK Ltd does not buy from a wholesale water company and re-sell to a water retailer.

The wholesale water company treats and pumps the water often many miles through old leaking water pipes loosing a valuable resource, a retail margin (profit) is then added and delivered to you the customer.

Why? Because it has always been done this way – but there is another way – an alternative way – a more environmentally friendly way, no more wasting a highly prized valuable resource leaking from old water distribution pipes.

If you choose the alternative way the reward will be a 25% discount – yes 25%!

Will your water company offer you that? there simply is not enough margin for the water companies to compete! try as they might to entice you with added value services, accurate billing, better service but still billions of litres of water is wasted due to water leaks on its way to you and you may get a 1% discount?

So what will you get from the  Alternative way?

  • Clean wholesome fresh water delivered literally meters away from the natural source.
  • Water delivered in a more environmentally friendly way, no leakage, no wastage.
  • A minimum of 25% off your existing water charges.
  • A dedicated water industry expert.
  • Free water efficiency and waste water cost reduction advice and expertise on any water related matter.
  • A first class service level agreement.
  • Full and free access to water flow and consumption data online.
  • Electronic billing via a automated meter reading device.


Why not value water more and be a part of an environmentally sustainable way of supplying water now and in the future “off grid” – Call us what are you waiting for?

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I have been in the Water Industry over 25 years how time has flown! during this time nearly 20 years ago H2o Building Services was born and what a journey its been, meeting and overcoming challenges along the way, working in close partnership with clients, listening to clients exacting requirements finding solutions to Water Utility and Sewerage problems with the primary focus on reducing Water Bills by completing Water Audits, Water Leak Detection, identifying Water Company overcharges, and reducing Waste Water cost through enhanced Waste Water Treatment recently delivered a £1.45M Waste Water Treatment Works up grade, Foul and Surface drainage survey and up grade, and Sea Outfall repair and renewal project, and leakage detection and repair to potable water supplies working in partnership with a large national Parks and Leisure company and the Water Utility company. Here at H2o we provide a complete Water Management service from initial Water Audit Site survey and report containing recommendations to reduce Water Bills, we then complete all of the work both installation and water consultancy services, then on complete provide a Water Bill Validation service to ensure Water Savings are delivered and maintained, we are a Water solutions based business you have a Water problem we deliver a solution to resolve the problem. We put our clients at the heart of everything we do, and work tirelessly to deliver to our clients expectations supported by a fantastic team of professionals within the H2o network through hard work and dedication we produce some amazing results and certainly through my on going research we are without doubt the leading Water Audit Experts in the UK today.

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